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Dec 3, 2013 5:30pm PST
than now. which when it comes to the science is not on treating. the top of the costs of stevens and sung high tying a tiny government doesn't release results for the whole country. gemini schools than in belgium but about vietnam. and last month's kit including ten these results have improved considerably since the last piece of the pool it was published in two thousand gemini school is selling ban came as a cell. the reading skills of fifteen year old was found to be well then add the global operates children for migrant and for a social backgrounds placenta be at a particular disadvantage the study treated to a series of educational conferences in gemini and one of the country's federal states introduced reforms the latest results and that there's been some improvement among children from socially disadvantaged families. but critics say the system still leaves too many behind. still commutes between dusk and children only go to school for a day with you one of the main areas the anti reform in the german school system the children went to school for the whole day there were no lon
Dec 2, 2013 2:00pm PST
science adviser. with respect to discovering more, geologists today believe that you can use tomographic techniques, which are similar to what is used in the catscanner for diagnosing disease, for searching in the earth for new deposits of material. there are many new exploration tools such as satellites. the impending exhaustion of energy and mineral supplies had been predicted before-- in 1908, 1944, 1952. by now many minerals should be extinct. none is. a major survival factor has been substitution between metals and between alternative forms of energy. such conservation will continue to prevent long-run shortages. besides, the earth's crust is 30 miles thick. we've barely scratched thsurf no wonder the doomsayers have been proved wrong. it seems unlikely that economic growth will stop because of too many people, too much pollution, too few resources. yet worldwide, there are vast differences between standards of living. in the next century, americans may accept lower growth rates as the rest of the world catches up. even though we've come to a slowdown, this is nothing fatal, not a c
Dec 4, 2013 2:00pm PST
systematized the science of perspective which was to dominate western pictorial space until the 20th century. in masaccio's fresco of the trinity-- probably constructed with brunelleschi's advice on architecture-- classical columns and a monumental barrel vault frame the figures of christ and god, the father. here is the interaction of painting, architecture, and the mathematical analysis of space that was unique to the florentine renaissance. 1n 1419, brunelleschi had begun the hospital of the innocente. it was the first orphanage in europe to be funded by public donations, and the architecture is a delicate blending of the roman and the romanesque. it was brunelleschi's architecture which the painter fra angelico depicted in his fresco of the annunciation, which awaits you at the top of the stairs of the monastery of san marco. fra angelico lived and worked here, decorating the monastery with scenes from the new testament-- scenes striking for their simplicity and serenity. inside the cells, the world seems to retreat, leaving a single image suspended like a spiritual vision. the buildings
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3